Writing Style

styleFlannery O’Conner writing style was considered dark and sometimes ugly, that according to James P. Bernens a writer for Crisis  Magazine . (crisimagazine.com/2014/caution-writings-flannery-oconnor. 2017.)  Bernens received O’Conner’s book with enthusiasm because he had heard about her writings, and had been mentioned many times in the Catholic Journals. He immediately was stunned by O’Connors writings and could not believe that these stories were the work of the greatest American Catholic author of the twentieth century. He describes vicious words which sometimes appear in the speech and dialects of her characters. Understanding that the stories were written in the middle decades of the twentieth century, and that racial epithets and slang were treated then in a manner utterly incomprehensible to our own attuned minds. O’Connor  often exhibited such ugly forms of expression for the sake of authenticity, as well as to mock and condemn their usage. Many critics call her work grotesque and pandering to horror.

If you try to read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” you will find yourself weighted down in confusion or hating most all of the characters. Most all O’Connors stories have strong Southern cadence to the dialogue; it can be difficult to understand language so different than our own in its usage, even if it is the same words. Also, her style is somewhat stark and shocking, thinking that this will end with a happy ending only to be dissapointed or questioning her motives.  Gothic and grotesque scenes are definitely portrayed by O’Connor in this story, leaving her reader with a chill.  O’Connor’s writing style in ” A Good Man is Hard to Find” definitely showed the reader that If society is supposed to be orderly and sensible, Southern Gothic shows how it really isn’t.