Flannery O’Connor’s ” A Good Man is Hard to Find” largely focuses on human morals good and bad.  For the grandmother in the story she thought that what she was doing was good, but for most people who have good morals believe that morals are virtues of acceptable conduct within a society.  This is not necessarily true for some, as it depends on their personal beliefs,  as they might think that it is right to practice what may be considered wrong. As evidenced in the short story, the Misfit believes that true religion is revealed through evil.

Universally we all have a different understanding as it relates to morals.  My initials thoughts when preparing this blog was not very enthusiastic, as I have never created one, however; I do like it better than writing an essay report plus,  I am able to be more creative.  I chose “A Good Man is Hard to Find” because it has a unique theme of Good vs. Evil. Because I am a very religious person, I tried to find the good in all the characters, even the Misfit, but in the end, after analysing the story, I found that all the characters had bad morals.

After completion of this site, I was pleased with what I had accomplished. I was unable to add videos, so I was disappointed with that aspect.  Overall, I had a good experience in making this site.